Art of Islamic era

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 Art of Islam

Pre-classic period, plans of mosques, palaces, cities:

  1. Ummayyad and Abbasside dynasties
  2. North Africa: Almohade, Almoravide, Merinide, fatimide, Ayyoubide, Mamluk, Burdjide dynasties
  3. Spain
  4. Orient
  5. Persia part 1: Samanide and Ghaznevide dynasties

Classic period, plans of mosques, palaces, cities:

  1. Anatolia
  2. Moghol Architecture in India
  3. Ottoman Empire
  4. Persia part 2: Safavide dynasty

Photos of mosques, tombs, madrasa:

  1. Islam on the Silk Road, Central Asia
  2. Islam in Orient, North Africa, Spain


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