The KaizenGallery Foundation (Berlin, Germany) was founded in 2006 by Rafael Bichon (work name: Rafael de Tours), Expert in Preventive Conservation and Restoration of fine arts.

Over the years, it has been enriched by the collaboration of many teachers of all countries. The initial purpose of the foundation, which remains unchanged to this day, was to provide a database of art history images, ordered by themes, free download, to schools and universities of poor countries.

The images collected and reorganized on the new version of KaizenGallery 2.1  are provided by many public and private donors. Technical texts, monographs, studies and theses are delivered by students, researchers and PhD students without financial part. However, any reference to writings, in whole or in part, must be accompanied by the author’s name and the mention « KaizenGallery.com – Free Art Foundation ». Thanks

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The mailing address is, since 2011:
Atelier Rafael – Kaizengallery
39, chemin de TERRON – 06200 Nice, French Riviera,  France

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